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Our first game is codenamed "Halloween Nightmare", which is a cutesy platform game like Wonderboy or Brian the Lion (but much less impressive), and it's based around a Halloween theme.

The premise goes something like this:

A young girl wants to go Trick or Treating, but evil forces have awoken and are filling the town with nasty ghouls. And what's worse is an evil witch has used a magic spell on all the other kids in town to make them bring all the candy to her. Using a variety of weapons and costumes, you must make your way through various monsters, helping kids and collecting candy along the way until you reach the big baddie at the end.

The story hasn't been written yet, so we'll clear it up a bit. What we really need for the game right now is some music, some sound effects, and some title screens and intro animations. Here are a couple of early screenshots from the game to give you an idea of what the game looks:

We also need playtesters, so if anyone can help us out, we'd really appreciate it, because we'd love to get a demo out by October 31st (Halloween). This game will run on any Amiga with a Hard Drive, but extra RAM and a faster CPU will help since the game is made in Backbone.
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