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Amiga 1000

Best Deal

There was an Amiga 1000 advertised (can't remember where approx 1993-94). Rang up and said I was interested. Cost me £50 for an Amiga 1000 with 512KB ram.It was missing the front but I still brought it and I was hooked.Upgraded the machine with a Spirit 1.5MB ram board and I purchased a PC sidecar for it.3-4 Years later it failed.

Purchased an Amiga 2000 between 1998-2000 for approx £5 with no keyboard.left it ontop of a cupboard untill 2005. It had a PC card in it.This is my only big box amiga I have left I have since 2005 purcahsed a Fusion forty (from the US) and a ICD scsi card (UK) with 32MB of memory,installed 1GB HDand a SCSI CDrom and upgraded the Kickstart from 2.04 to 3.1 roms and also had New rom burned for the fusion forty so Kickstart 3.1 would reconize it.Would never sell this :-).(reason I would never get my money back and also I have had many hours trying to get it to work correctly) :-)

Purchased an Amiga 4000 030 for £200 in approx 1996-7.Upgraded it to the full 18MB ram and put a 1GB HD in it and a Goldstar CDrom which didnt stick out the front.

Worst Deal

Sold the A4000 030 in 1989 for £230 stupid mistake should of never sold it.
Deciding to try and turn a standard Amiga 2000 into a great spec Amiga 2000 should of just brough a Amiga 4000.

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