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I would never dare to defend AmigaDE (i'd get flamed to death but I guess you're
in the position to do so

That's exactly the way I see it too..


>> Aiming for current Amiga users and those users who have left the fold over
>> the last few years almost insures unprofitability. However, this is simply
>> Amiga INC. (and their advocates) being consistant- Aim low.

No. It doesn't make sense to aim for the masses with "just another desktop
OS". BeOS/QNX tried that and failed. You can't compete in terms of hardware (as
Galahad pointed out), and most people think they actually *need* Windows nowadays.
And even if one of those who don't think so asks me why he should switch to
AmigaOS, what should I answer ?

"It's ressource efficient" ? -> he laughs and strokes his 300 GB HD, 80x DVD,
4 Ghz Wintel box

"it's completely modular, very easy to control and understand" ? -> "I'm no geek,
why should I care ?"

"it's real fun to code for it ?" -> see above

And then he asks me if there's a port of "DJMagixxxExtremeHipTrackerWannabe" available.

Well, you get the idea. Therefore, AmigaOS4 is aimed *only* at geeks, ex-users and the
like at the moment. There are developers, publishers, traders that need to make money,
a community that needs to survive. That's what OS4 is for - and it's still the same OS
I used (nearly) ten years ago to create professional Scala presentations for a friends
shop display, still the same SBase4 pro that another friend used to maintain his shop
inventory at that time. To me, the Amiga always was about more than "just" games.

The tool to conquer the mass market is AmigaDE, I think Galahad gave a pretty good
description why DE actually is such a good concept.
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