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Originally posted by jAKe
Maybe my wb disk are bad...I saw somethin like.."saddam virus" on my wb disk yesterday....This could maybe be the thing....
Ok, i will test the zipped file thing and i will try to check the wb disks for virus... Anyone know a good virus scanner and an unpack prog. for the amiga?

"Try copying a game across which only consists of files. eg. Interceptor, Joe Blade, Major Motion etc"

This i dont quite understand...can you extract the files fron and adf? On amiga or pc?..
DiskWiz (like Tracktool but supports WB2+ only) automatically checks for bootblock viruses when it unpacks disks using xvs.library and the older BBBF.library. If you have WB2, try it! It's on Back to the Roots

Those games I mentioned like Interceptor are standard AmigaDos format disks with files - no special tricks to stuff up your disks or copy protection. You can extract files off the disks but that's not what I meant - although you could format a blank disk then just copy the files over onto the disk, it's easier just to unpack the ADF of interceptor onto the disk and play it. You can then boot up workbench and insert the interceptor disk and hopefully see all the files visible... (just to prove that the disk is partially OK).
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