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I have been following this thread, and my reply to it (or contribution) is my own feelings and I am not necessarily attempting to criticise others... so here goes.

Back in 1993-94 when the shit was really going down (when Escom didn't have damned clue what they were gonna do!), I alike many others felt the same, that the Amiga should not change, but evolve from its present form.

Today, my view could not be further removed from that viewpoint.

Some people have a very set view on how the Amiga should be, because they base it on past computer history.

I am not interested in history before C64:

First there was Sinclair Spectrum and Commodore 64... Atari and Amstrad had an attempt which ultimately failed.

From 8bit we went to 16bit, Atari ST and Commodore Amiga, blah, blah, you know the rest.

For nearly 15years, there is this notion that there HAS to be a truly affordable 'home' computer, and all of those machines fitted that perfectly in their time.

but unfortunately, the computing world has changed. Computer manufacturers cannot afford to produce their own graphics and sound hardware anymore, and more to the point, they don't have the resources to compete against the graphics hardware manufacturers that solely fabricate these devices.

Think long and hard now...... With the exception of the C64 and the Amiga, every other computer or console (maybe a very slight exception to half the hardware in the Atari 800XL) was bought off the shelf hardware.

Sega Megadrive, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, Sony Playstation, Sony Playstation 2, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Gamecube, Atari ST, etc, etc, etc........ its all bought in hardware manufactured by specific graphics/sound hardware companies.

the point? Amiga are doing the sensible thing..... they CANNOT compete with the likes of Matrox or Creative or any other hardware manufacturer........ and neither could Sega and look at the state of them now?

Sega didn't make ANY money selling consoles, they made money on the software, this is a FACT!

Sony lost money on the Playstation hardware for two years, because they made money on the software.... now you know why software companies had to pay exhorbitant prices for their licenses!!

In 1982, one of the biggest computer companies, one of the biggest companies in the world was IBM......... Microsoft was tiny in comparison.

Today in 2002, Microsoft dwarfs IBM. Microsoft is now in a good position to enter the hardware arena with the X-Box, and the brand name association with Microsoft won't do it any harm, despite peoples protestations about their software and bugs!

Amiga Inc is being VERY wise and VERY shrewd. The fact that AmigaOne is not quite as powerful as a Mac or a PC is TOTALLY irrelevant! The whole point about the AmigaDE is that it is far leaner than anything the PC or Mac currently 'enjoys', so in relativity, the power of the proposed AmigaONE is about right.

The other thing to remember, is if you don't like the hardware specs... like the PC and Mac, you can simply stick another card in there, and whilst this slightly goes against the grain of normal Amiga traditions (squeeze the most out of the hardware that you can), its necessary.

If this system gets off the ground and people get to prove their coding skills with AmigaDE, the same program written in AmigaDE that may also exist for PC and Mac will require far less resources that those versions to be of the same speed and functionality.

Does the PC and Mac owner have to be convinced to chuck away their hardware to see the benefits? No, they simply install the AmigaDE, ALONGSIDE Windows and MacOS and they can see for themselves.

Shit, its a lot harder to convince people to buy new hardware than it is to buy new software!!

Amiga coders for the most part relished getting as much from the hardware as they could, and their coding skills in getting a lot of action from a small amount of RAM is well documented. With these kind of programming traits, the AmigaDE will be less hassled, because the code will be leaner, far more optimised, you get the picture.

The Amiga OCS/ECS/AGA series of computers are fine computers and people are still getting great use out of them... but lets be honest, the very hardware that was such a revelation all those years ago is now holding the machine back!

40Mhz blitter was fast in 1985, but the same speed blitter in a faster A12oo with more bitplanes and colours....... thats just plain fucking stupid!!!!!

When the A12oo came out, 16bit soundcards with many more than 4 channels were the norm on the PC..... what did the A12oo get? SLightly cleaner sound and the ability to hear all the sound channels playing if one of the audio leads was pulled out!!!!!!!!

Don't get me wrong, I like the A12oo, people have got some amazing results out of it, but that was ten years ago when it first came out, people have done as much as they can with a base A12oo.

The concept of the 'home' computer has changed. The concept of a totally original machine has changed, most of the names that we all associated with being big, mighty, unstoppable, are either bust, dying or on the verge.

For those that knock the concept of the AmigaDE, look a little further, whilst it may sound a little trite right now, the world of computers is changing so fast, that software like the AmigaDE (or something like it!) will be the winners. The AmigaDE is not reliant on any one piece of hardware..... if Apple goes down, the AmigaDE is already written and working for other platforms..... if I decide to sell my iMac, I don't have to practically give away my entire software collection, because as long as I have AmigaDE and the software utilises AmigaDE, I can simply use it on my next hardware purchase.......

Your opinions are your own, and I felt exactly the same... times have changed, the concept of the computer has changed..... maybe its time some of you considered that change....... the only alternative to that is that by 2010, everything will be Microsoft!

Slightly more than 2 pence worth I think, your normal programming resumes after this small break!
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