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This is going to be an awesome game. The controls work okay, but as some others have noticed, there are some bugs.

The Amiga I tried it on is my A1200 with Kickstart 3.0, 030/50 accellerator, 16MB Fast RAM, running from a PCMCIA-CF card.

The problems I got after playing a few times are:

*There is some strange colour flashing up the bottom half of the screen in the black border (around the main game in the overscan areas). This happened after playing for a few minutes.
*The second player sprite seems to be corrupt. It is split in half, as if the right and left sides were flipped inside out.

I can't remember any more now, but I'll play it a few times again and see if I find any more bugs.

Are you going to ad an option to use the second button (or Blue button on CD32 pads) for jump? Just adding the option on the options screen will make all the joypad users happy.

The game is looking great, I feel like I'm playing a real arcade game when I play it. Keep up the good work!
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