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Originally posted by APFelon

I wish all current Amiga users the best, though. They all seem to be blissfully optomistic about Amiga INC. despite all of their broken promises and false claims.
Not me. I think real _Amiga_ enthusiasts, have not paid attention to what Commodore/Amiga said since... let's say 1998.

IMO, real _Amiga_ freaks like the machine, not just a brand. It's about the machine the Amiga is, and what it means, not how it's called man! it could be called Bananas, I dont care. Amiga now is just a brand. I agree with miggy, they should let it rest, but NO, they won't... Why? Because of the BAFs (nice one Korodny ) who would buy anything that says Amiga... Believe it or not, the brand sells, it's got a stable, VERY loyal bunch. That's why the Amiga brand stood time.

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