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Originally posted by Korodny

The Amiga was doing fine until about 1996. The size of the community allowed commercial
developers to survive, there was a substantial number of Applications regularly updated.

Nobody says that the AmigaOne is aimed at the "general computer buying public". It's
aimed at current Amiga users and people who left the platform in the last few years.

The target is to establish a market that lets developers make a bit of money. *That's*
a fact. Claiming that it will fail to do so is just speculation.
Sure. Even the most obtuse individual would realize that a company manufactures products to make a profit. However, I take from your assertions that the AmigaOne is aimed at ex-Amigans and not intended for the mainstream? I find that a bit silly, but not surprising considering Amiga INC's recent conduct and foolish business philosophy.

Aiming for current Amiga users and those users who have left the fold over the last few years almost insures unprofitability. However, this is simply Amiga INC. (and their advocates) being consistant- Aim low.

I wish all current Amiga users the best, though. They all seem to be blissfully optomistic about Amiga INC. despite all of their broken promises and false claims.

Good luck.
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