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>> I have full respect for Amiga OS 4. I have done my research. But fact is: support
>> from 3rd party will be VERY SPARSE, hence people in general computer buying public
>> will not flock to the Amiga One, hence it will do poorly, and the cycle begins.
>> qucik , putrid death. Or a slow, stagnant one.

The Amiga was doing fine until about 1996. The size of the community allowed commercial
developers to survive, there was a substantial number of Applications regularly updated.

Nobody says that the AmigaOne is aimed at the "general computer buying public". It's
aimed at current Amiga users and people who left the platform in the last few years.

The target is to establish a market that lets developers make a bit of money. *That's*
a fact. Claiming that it will fail to do so is just speculation.

>> My problem is with the HARDWARE, not the OS! Oh, and Utri..yes, those are pretty
>> hardware specs..but this is my the time Amiga One.. LOL...gets released, those
>> specs will be outdated and passe'. Keep dreaming guys.

Now it gets funny. You *are* aware that there are other AmigaOne machines than the
one from Eyetech, aren't you ? Ask RetroMan for his favourite AmigaOne compatible machine..

>> Oh and if you are going to quote, get it right, Korod...You said I said this:
>> "Amigans have to rely on PD".
>> Now scroll down, read what I said, and eat crow

"Amigans would rely on good ol apps and PD apps". Still not true.
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