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Now be sure to make a Amiga CD32 version
I dont know the techs specifications of the CD32, but I guess its essentially focused on the loader routines. May be, but there is so much to do left let the coding and drawing carry on.

- what langage you use for developping the game on your a1200+2mo fast ???
Ralph Le Gall made the GFX on amiga ???
Asmone ->Thank you Promax/Kefrens ! It's cheap in CHIP memory use and debugs tools are cool.

Ralph did almost all the graphics on a real Amiga (animations, main characters, intro graphics etc.., I just came after, and did the background graphics and code + design), the main idea was to make something similar to Snow Bros.
Ralph has left the amiga and works on PC now. He is currently very busy on a Movie making (for a video clip for a french singer, dunno if the video will be released but I like very much his artistic work...For more infos ask him.

Back to SPB : There's still a lot to do, the graphics and animations look better on my PAL TV, the PAL emulation of UAE is good, very good but far away from the real one displaying.

And why not email it to Retro Gamer magazine? I'm sure they'll review it.
Thank you for the good idea but the game is far far from being finished.

Where can I download this game?
At the moment, the game is in a too early state, but I'll post a link on just to show off the gameplay and have a lot of feedback for bugs report. The earlier is the better for bug fixing. A more advanced preview will certainly be released on back2roots and so the final release will be (thank you Bobic).

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