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I have full respect for Amiga OS 4. I have done my research. But fact is: support from 3rd party will be VERY SPARSE, hence people in general computer buying public will not flock to the Amiga One, hence it will do poorly, and the cycle begins. qucik , putrid death. Or a slow, stagnant one.
My problem is with the HARDWARE, not the OS! Oh, and Utri..yes, those are pretty hardware specs..but this is my the time Amiga One.. LOL...gets released, those specs will be outdated and passe'. Keep dreaming guys.
Hey, if any of youse want to buy an Amiga One..I got a bridge here in Brooklyn you'd might like to buy.
Geez. I ain't even going to bother.
Oh and if you are going to quote, get it right, Korod...You said I said this:
"Amigans have to rely on PD".
Now scroll down, read what I said, and eat crow.
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