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>> Well these are nice, but did ANYTHING you say contradict what I said?

The part of your posting that caught my attention was "Amigans have to rely on PD".
That's simply not true.

>> No. Sparse, by Windows and Mac standards, and even Linux standards. Linux
>> is far more ubquitous now than Amiga OS. Look at any computer book store and
>> that will show you.

No need to discuss that. If I need assistance or want to buy Software/Hardware I simply
call/visit my preferred Amiga dealer.

>> Sparse.
>> Sparse.
>> Sparse.

Okay, that seems to be really important to you ;-) Let's agree on "sparse but not
too sparse"?

>> Its an extremely tenuous thread , to depend on Amiga DE, and Flash and the like
>> being made to run on an Amiga browser, if if if ifif..Blech

The only "if" in my posting was "if DE takes off". I don't understand your negative
attitude towards AmigaOS. There are people who want to continue using it, what's the
problem with that?

As Utri pointed out, the AmigaOne specs are far from being "a joke". I'd call Windows
(any version) a joke. MacOSX is one hell of a bloated piece of a *nix window manager
and Linux is a decent OS, but nothing I'd want to have running on a "home computer" /
desktop machine.
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