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Originally Posted by zerostress View Post
Also, you could try setting the Memory Window jumper to 8mb (seems from showconfig that yours is set to 4mb) and then play with your env vars, some are wrong for your configuration. For example:
powerpc/gfxaddr should be $200000
warp3d/mediator/memsize should be 7
That´s it !!!!
I´ve set the Memory Window Jumper to "8MB" and changed "warp3d/mediator/memsize" to 7. In "powerpc/gfxaddr" i´ve tried the values "$200000" and "$80000000" (Memspace0 from pciinfo). With both values even the fullscreen Demo works.

Before ich set the Jumper to 8MB i got only 2,44MB of RTG-Memory. Even without Wallpaper. After changing the Jumper now i have 4MB available with a resolution of 1024x768 @16bit
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