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I know I'm looking much like a notorius BAF (blind Amiga follower), but I can't resist

>> But one thing is obvious. If there is indeed a new Amiga, 3rd party support will be sparse
>> indeed.

There *are* small(ish) companies searching for alternative markets apart from Windows, as
competing on that system becomes increasingly harder every day.

Of course we will not have a booming software market in three months from now on. But the Amiga
desktop market is a commercial market - Amiga users are willing to pay for software (some of
them, sometimes . Linux users aren't, that's why there's practically no commercial software
available for them. Sales figures for games ported from Windows are actually *higher* on AmigaOS
than on Linux.

Want examples (small companies offering Amiga versions)?

- Pagestream / Grasshoppers LLC (Windows/Mac/Amiga)
- Papyrus / ROM-Logicware (Windows/AtariST (!)/Mac (soon)/Amiga (soon))
- Realsoft 3D / Realsoft (Windows/Mac/Amiga (soon))
- Motionstudio / Motionstudios (Windows/Amiga (soon))
- Prostation Audio (Windows/Amiga)

Porting Opera to the Amiga was already started. Got cancelled when Gateway "abandoned" AmigaOS
in favour of "AmigaOE".

>> Amigans would rely on good ol apps and PD apps to get thru, and a select few companies.
>> Thats a sad state of affairs,

Amigans don't have to rely on PD now, and they won't have to do in the near future. Basically,
the Amiga lacks a good up-to-date browser (a yet to be announced team is already preparing a port
of the Gecko engine), support for proprietary file formats (Sorensen, Flash, RealMedia, WMF -
that's a real problem that will hopefully get less of a problem if that DE thingie takes off) and
a decent Office suit (Papyrus is getting ported atm, another yet to be announced team works on
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