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<User caution: the follow includes a lot of ramble and some exceptional waffle at times. please approach with caution... and take regular breaks (Zetty.)>

Soooo this is the thread that there was a global message about....

AHA! (i knew i would bump into is sooner or later) alas now all the flames have died down it seems.. but fear not, I am sure it will arise again in another thread soon, such is the nature of forums....

I am a collector of OS's (which i do have very many, and also used many) they all have good points (some are hard to find) and bad points (which are easily noted).

truth be said.... some are OK... some are overly complicated.... some are shit.... some are shittier.... and some just suck the big one.... but once in a while there are some features that are "a nice touch" or "thats a better way of doing it" I will never understand apples no-right click.... big ergonomic F in the A there.

There are benefits in most OS's in truth, this also included the monolithic XP.... jury is still out on VISTA...

I cannot get my head round the need for 640MB or ram on startup.... once you have played with QNX and neutrino core kernals (very VERY small) with a WIMP OS based in under 100k then .... still baffled with VISTA..... not to sure where that direction is going for MS.

Linux..... sigh..... if only there was a unified Graphics Driver system.... with a more powerful than OpenGL commercially supported graphics API!.... then it might begin to to take the gamers away from the MS platform.... but at the moment.... its relegated to "mildly... if only" interest

For me, if only there was a proper Real Time OS (RTOS) like Amiga OS / QNX / BeOS these OS's seem to just fly or glide, admittedly you need some intuition but as well all know Amiga OS is pretty damn simple to use, even command line!

alas there is not a single OS that has all the answers and I believe Fred is right one shouldn't invest one's emotions in a computer, however saying this.... i believe i might change his tune after a severe spanking on a game or to

its easy to do though, we humans are a strange bunch, especially the minority we have here, the irony of arguing vested emotional interest on an Amiga Forum kinda seems and exercise in futility. these machines, if you will, are bound in the most part in our youth, what they mean is to try and retain some of it, albeit a most a thread of our past. however for the most balanced of us its easy to fall into fandom, however admittedly some do kinda take it blindly beyond the point of reason, or even reasonable un-reason.. these "fanatics" are generally not going to change their fundamental belief no mater how you flame them.

in some ways learning an OS isn`t about you and a computer.... its about you and a team of developers, sometimes it clicks...... some times despite best efforts (sorry BeOS) it doesn't

There are many things to incorporate into ones life, an ethos, a code or method of doing something even an outlook... and this is true of OS's in general, I think it is in this compatibility that users cease being a user and computer, and start being a single productive unit as a whole.

just a Zetty POV
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