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yet more over exaggerated bollocks from press / web releases!

I noticed that these small footnotes constantly point out the "Amiga / Commodore Curse" .... if these retards did the math, this curse has existed ever since Bill McEwan started working (if you wanna call it that) with Amiga.

Personally i think he should go back to being a secretary, but i doubt he was much good at that.... promising that dictation in 2 weeks, or he is pleased with the progress of something that will never be released or always failing to deliver the mail!!!

I don't understand where one person can shout total bollocks about OS5 (which if anything is nothing more than a white paper / red herring) can claim that its better than a multi million dollar OS, designed and developed by hundreds of people!

bah! its all false anyway.... nothing will come from something as NOTHING as amiga inc.

Hyperon FTW.... even if they are stupid!
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