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Originally Posted by Steril707 View Post
I am by no means a forum regular here, but lurking for a few years now and then there, so i don't really know what's up with you.

But, what's yours and P-Js drive to piss on peoples subjective preferences here? It seems you are not loving the Amiga, and as you stated yourselves, you "moved on" some years ago? So why bother hanging around here, if you don't feel anything for these old machines?

Sorry, i really don't understand this.
Well, lurk and search my posts more. If you see, I am a big fan of old games. Game released now, save for a few NDS and GBA titles, mean nothing to me. I think I also made it clear earlier in this thread, that I don't "love" computers. Maybe you do, but that's your problem.
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