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question 4 relates to the legal litigation of OS4 from Hyperon and i think the crux of the lawsuit goes like. (take a deep breath)

Amiga inc sponsored / contracted out the work for OS4 to Hyperion,

however (Washington) did not pay the full amount to Hyperion before becoming liquidated.

Hyperon's (now legal) argument is that the contract states that should become liquidated the rights etc for the work are transfered to Hyperon and Eyetech at the time of the agreement.

Alas Eyetech even though essentially loaning money got bitten in the arse by A.Inc as they then attempted to sue over some pathetic logo infringement...

eyetech left the Amiga arena for good very sad....

Anyway did a four step shuffle even better than I am at Eye of the Beholder as thier debt ridden company (Amiga inc Washington) got sold under the table to KRONOS.

But hang on a second its owned and run by the same people whom owned A.Inc (Washington registered) ).... so all the suposed rights were transfered... once that happen Washington was finally liquidated

Kronos then changed their name to Amiga.Inc (Delaware registered)) so now we have the name and all the rights (as it was sold under the table to their own company) but without the staggering debt!... a few engineers got f*cked for quite a sum of money.... $200,000 last time i remember reading.

Anyway Hyperon in its confusion keeps taking dribbs and drabbs of money (according to (Delaware) ) while is attempting to use the (buy back) clause for $40,000 for OS4.0 ,

Hyperon it seems is still under a complete different impression as to what the funds are for.. so when earlier this year Hyperon released OS4 with bundled PPC's (which according to the original contract they are allowed to do) Amiga Inc decided to (in the great name of business) SUE!

so there we have it....

amiga stink

hyperon are stupid

and we dont get what we want....

figures really.... but then i ask my self... do I want some sucky PPC OS?! nope.... i want it for PC X86 after all that what every man / woman / child / dog or other small animal as well their toy has!!!!

el infinitum!
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