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oohh no imposssible !!! Turrican is a great game on CPC, it's a tour de force !
Bionic Commando, Alien Syndrome, Cabal, Airborne Ranger, Last Ninja 2, Nemesis, R-Type, Slapfight, Swiv, Buggy Boy, Double Dragon 3, Blues Brothers, Uridium -> speccy conversions.... no work on those games...

Ghost'n Goblins, Commando -> mode 0 games they were huge success and very good games at the time.

Cybernoid 2
Arkanoid 2
Barbarian 1 & 2
Stormlord 1 & 2

About those ones, no you must be kidding lol these games have these best soundtracks on CPC, and they are even better than what a CPC could normally do
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