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Originally Posted by Doc Mindie View Post
What you're saying can beboiled down to (when it comes to Linux):
If ALL PC's was running the same CPU, same gfx-card, same NIC and same soundcard, Linux could be made to boot as quickly as AmigaOS?
Well, actually.. It is possible to write a smart enough installer for Linux distributions that would trim it down to the absolute minimum + only install the drivers you need for ANY generic PC.

However that is a lot of work to write the installer and machines today are fast enough + disks are large enough for them to just bung in everything and let the machine decide on bootup what to use.. Also you lose the portability aspect then, you can't just swap your linux boot drive into a new PC when upgrading hardware, you'd need to reconfigure everything.

Of course the different distros do some selection of what modules to load when installing, but they aren't trimmed to the absolute minimum.

However people like their features. It takes a lot of code/services to make a modern OS with all sorts of desktop integration and intelligent hardware handling happening beneath the glitzy UI.

Gentoo is a good way to get the absolute minimum, low fat linux distro, but it is a lot more involved to set up compared to SUSE or Ubuntu. :-) Also even with Gentoo, it's very easy to pick this and that and well maybe that too and end up with a distro that loads a lot during startup after all the dependencies for your stuff has been compiled in. :-)

However this is a very long subject and way off topic for an Amiga board, perhaps I'll leave it at that. The interwebs are full of Linux info, start with the linux from scratch project or the Gentoo manual to get more understanding what is happening under the hood.
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