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What you're saying can beboiled down to (when it comes to Linux):
If ALL PC's was running the same CPU, same gfx-card, same NIC and same soundcard, Linux could be made to boot as quickly as AmigaOS?

with "same" I mean the same make, not just model, as I believe an ASUS make are different from MSI, even if both use f.x. nVidia GeForce7800.

Am I right in the assumption?

I do believe though, that the Amiga's ability to be back up in 10sec flat, is very much due to all the builtin hardware are already set up in the KickStart, as opposed to Linux/Windows/MacOSX kernels where the hardware can and will vary from computer to computer, whereas in the Amiga, Denise is always there, same Paula, same with Agnus, Gary on the A4000, and so on.
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