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Err.. The linux dude was right on the money..

AmigaOS doesn't do anything much at all when booting up, it just sets up some assigns and starts monitor drivers.

On Unix based OSes the system's bootup scripts do many things.. They start web servers, fileshare servers, audio servers etc. If you start miami from the startup-sequence, it will make your system wait until it has gotten an IP from DHCP (or else thrash your hard disk if you use run). If you start the samba server from startup-sequence, the same will happen.

You can make Linux start quickly if you like and still have the functionality that AmigaOS also provides out of the box, but then it will be tuned for that particular computer only..

The problem with linux distributions is that they must be generic to run on many different configurations of PC. Thus there's a load of probing going on while it's loading and also lots of services get started that not everyone needs, but most do.


Take Gentoo or Debian and install only the needed components that give you the same functionality as a basic workbench installation, and you have a quickly booting linux. You must also configure the system to load only needed modules or compile all the hardware support you need into the kernel, leaving everything else out.

The reason why a Linux web browser or word processor takes a long time to start is because the computer loads tens of megabytes of stuff while starting the program. The software is a lot bigger, among other things due to the amount of features it contains. If you take an ancient browser like netscape 3, it will start a lot faster, since it's only a few megs big.. And you get the same functionality as with AWeb on the Amiga. :-D

He wasn't being snotty because someone is bashing his beloved linux? That was a rather level-headed, but not very thorough explanation why Linux is slower to boot than AmigaOS. Also he mentioned that not all sw is available for the Amiga, that is just a fact. Turn off the stuff unavailable to Amiga from your Linux distro and I'm sure that alone will make it boot a lot faster. :-D

Linux SW was also smaller back in the mid 90s. Try an ancient linux distro on a modern machine and it will be quite fast, yet most your hardware will not be supported.. (perhaps run it in VMWare to have generic-looking hardware)

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