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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Just tested the CPC version. Sorry matey, but what is this?

More colors, that's all. Boring graphics, lousy scrolling and sound (as always) and a crappy control. Not comparable with the decent gameplay of the C-64 game.
Gameplay in C64? In C64 there was NO AI in enemies. Absolutely n00bs... You could finish a level without the enemies attempting a single punch. You call this gameplay? Controls were much better in CPC. You could perform more moves probably because you had to since the enemies had AI. I just watched a longplay in youtube of the C64 version and the guy just run from right to left and finish the floor in first level by killing just a couple of enemies. Also, 2 player. I have my best memories of this game playing with my pals. The 2P mode is simply one of the best. Really, I don't think you played it enough to have a good picture of this game in the CPC. The only thing that C64 had better was the really nice and mellow music. Apart from that, Spectrum and CPC versions were much better.
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