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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post

I have felt, and this is for some time, that a lot of linux officialdom's are quite snooty when it comes to other OS's thrashing a poor yet favoured *NIX distro... but the retard seems to think that a 512 k i l o b y t e ROM is going to do what a 1.2GB NIX install can do... then he's clearly a slobering FAN BOI!
avoid them.... for they can know no other....

strange though he didn`t mention why XP was faster than the latest unBUMtu (ahem sorry .. but it sux!) distro ?

I believe our fellow Amigo Charlie said it correctly as you cantered....


Explicit setup platforms....


On the Fly.... RTOS!
You seem alot more versed in the Amiga OS than i am Zetro, so maybe some you guys should go onto my thread and give the snobbish prick a pounding with the information you guys know.
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