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Ya' like it Retr0?
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This is an amusing thread

(dont worry P-J i will keep it short )


That linux kernal explanation is spot on in my book... the only thing is you forgot to install the hardware driver support for the toilet... and from that you need to check if the toilet is read for communication.... that would overly complicate the wake up model... but i believe it should be enshrined somewhere...


I have felt, and this is for some time, that a lot of linux officialdom's are quite snooty when it comes to other OS's thrashing a poor yet favoured *NIX distro... but the retard seems to think that a 512 k i l o b y t e ROM is going to do what a 1.2GB NIX install can do... then he's clearly a slobering FAN BOI!
avoid them.... for they can know no other....

strange though he didn`t mention why XP was faster than the latest unBUMtu (ahem sorry .. but it sux!) distro ?

I believe our fellow Amigo Charlie said it correctly as you cantered....


Explicit setup platforms....


On the Fly.... RTOS!

and insofar as memory protection, well for one, no such thing existed for AOS since that hadn't even been developed even in the sever market as such (unless you count redundancy) and for another....

memory protecting half the time is a joke... (and no i wont even pretend to think that any Microsoft product has that ability... well other than panicking!)

I will say that I have witnessed many Linux distros fall flat on their face when the going gets tough with virtual ram.... (admittedly no Amiga could handle that level of abuse however!)


sorry P-J.... i lied....
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