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Originally Posted by oneshotdead View Post
Yeah, I agree totally!

We should all fondly remember IG Farben and their wonderful Buna plant.

300,000 forced into slave labour, only 30,000 dead. Five execs were found guilty of mass murder, they got like seven or so years.

Oh, and I voted C64!
I just did a little read up on this, an I have to admit, it does indeed sound like a couple of company's i used to slave for!!

well we all know them chemical company's will try anything to exploit a new product... okay... in this instance they have kinda gone to far. kinda shity in the public relations department me thinks.

So i wonder whom makes the the plastic or holds the patent to the ABS plastic that goes into out beloved gaming and creative computers?

ohhhh lookie..... its BASF..... but hang on.... this was one of the larger conglomerate company's that were IG Farben......

Its amazing how its all intercalated these business isn't it ? I wonder what dubious past Kellogg's the cereal make would have? hmm

theres a whole quagmire of shit that happened back then, the truth is that not ALL of the sick people (on all of sides) were prosecuted... hmm i think persecuted would of been as fair...

and now we are back onto persecution.... lets string up Bill McEwan simply because i cannot stand his smug grin any longer....

sorry guys chuckling at the irony.... if it was't for BASF we would have less tapes to use on our spectrums or c64s'.... we wouldn't have ABS plastic ... saying that we would use something else that didn't yellow after a couple of years either!

and I thought Micro$oft was bad.....

wow way to political.. but them's the 80's for you.....

btw PSX for the WIN!!!!
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