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Originally Posted by OddbOd View Post
They did, it's called coLinux but to be brutally frank I wouldn't bother as the majority of Linux "dabblers" chicken out and go back to what they know.

It's for the same reason toilets don't come with airbags fitted, technically it can be done but it just doesn't make sense. Actually that's not entirely true there are some situations where such a setup is desirable though the only one I can think of is on Pocket PCs where you have no control over the initial boot process and must use Windows CE based loader to kick you into the Linux kernel.

Linux only feels alien because you've gotten used to DOS and Windows eccentric ways, do you honestly think that a lifetime UNIX user would have have any easier time getting used to MS operating systems?
Yeah, many Linux-ites have switched to or also use a Mac since 2001.
These same people laughed at Mac OS back before the Unix conversion.
Everyone respects Unix. People literate in Unix find getting to the root of OSX and customizing (to an extent) it quite simple.

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