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Originally Posted by woody57 View Post
These useally have "barn sized" function rooms for hire or which can be booked.

The gathering in 2008 may use one or two of these venues for different logistic purposes ..

1] For the ssocial drink

2]For the Amiga gaming part

While small amounts of alchol & Amiga mix well a BINGE party & Amiga would not.

I do not see in my head that amiga useres are generaly camping fiends with tents & caravans the prospect of an typical English summer downpour would dampen a lot more than just canvas.

Therefore knowing the need for cheap B & B less than { £12.00 a night } accomodation is proberly the best for a North West suitable locations both Southport & Morecambe spring to the more fammous Blackpool is far more expensive mid season & harder to find reasonable price meeting halls in.

I know I am jumping ahead but with the type of accuracey this poll provides I am just fielding choices for the next one
Yes, I had social clubs in mind, too.
(Feeling at home there as a social worker )

I appreciate what you said and our next poll will be more detailed.
At least we´ll be able to see what kind of building or rooms we need.
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