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Lightbulb A matter of choice

Even though I myself am NOT alowed to drink anymore I see that the need for an organised social gethering with a " winding down " from travel session is VITAL.

Meeting the Faces behind the nicknames will be enough of a shock for many to drive even the MOST sober to it !

So without wishing to tie visitors to more expenses than an "open " informal meet & greet session I am more than happy to provide a music & sound rig at any venue in the North west of England { if it is held here } to ensure embarassing total silences are kept to a minimum

This is NOT my bid to host the get together it is just an offer of resources that others may believe can be used else where

Even if I am unable to attend the event myself for health reasons ...fear of riot at seeing the living dead from members
etc ..I can promise a representive or family member of mine can ensure the offer is made good
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