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Originally Posted by woody57 View Post

I realy don't think the C64 qualifies in this area anymore as too few instant load cartriges were made for it otherwise it could have been a real contender against the nintendo vs Sega system survival question.
i definately see your point, even as a Speccy user who thinks there are more speccy games making efforts worthwhile than c64 games.

however, i think you have to dissmisded considerations of "old style" limitiations and you should perhaps judge them ALL on what you can do now (emulator or otherwise)

Speccy's can be loaded up with an HD full of TAPs, and i dont-doubt there is something similar for the c64. Its almost like competely dismissing WHDload games for the Amiga. (which, imho, are by far the best and only way one should be running miggy games if you can - Speedball 2 and Wipe Out excluded for obvious reasons)

surely not a fair comparision to dismiss such things these days? ok, yes your factory produced c64 takes a lot longer to run a game than your factory PS1...... but it has an unfair advantage in X number of years of development / enhancements.

just my point-of-view of course, feel free to ignore, especialy since i am just back from a night on the town
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