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Which Amiga "Gaming Machine"

Hi Folks

Firstly, if this is in the wrong section then please move it, but i don't really know where this should go.

Anyway, onto my question. I am almost coming near to the end of my Amiga 4000 project, hopefully it should be ready soon (maybe in 2 more weeks!!!! lol). I have got one eye on my next Amiga project. My Amiga 4000 will be used for the more demanding/serious stuff as well as for some general/demanding gaming, emulation, etc. Now my next idea was to have another Amiga solely for gaming, and nothing much else. My initial idea was to get an Amiga 1200 with a cheap 030@50mhz inside. But i have also given a thought to the CD32 machine!!! So which of the 2 would be a better gaming machine in your opinion?! Suggestions here folks!
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