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I'm not quite sure how to rank this latest WinUAE yet. Like Paul, I've got choppy sound issues using a Sound Blaster Live DE 5.1 (Local varient of the SB Live! 5.1 card,probably the same.).
Given I'm running on a Celeron 900, Asus M/B using based on the Intel 815EP chipset,Win 98 (Original), Geforce 3 Ti200 at 800x600x16bit it's a little surprising,(Latest chipset drivers installed & DirectX 8.1)

So far, setting the sound buffer to 4 seems to produce the "best" results. Things get worse at 1-3 settings.The weird thing is, sometimes the sound will be okay but will suddenly get quite choppy,pressing F12 & returning to the game sometimes makes it better other times,not.

I haven't had any luck with Typhoon Thompson, Rainbow Islands, Wizkid,Heimdall 2 or Murder,(using Kickstart 1.3).
But (ahem!) Hollywood Strip Poker Pro from Reline finally works! At long last I can (sort of!) enjoy Chris Huelsbeck's great music & poor digitized models like I used to years ago!! So a big pat on the back for that Toni!

Things are defintely back on track with WinUAE,just a few buggettes, but better than any release since 08.8r8 for a Win 9x system,good job!
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