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c64 best game machine ? mmhhh it has SOME good hardware parts. like
the Sid and hardware scrolls. But it has a basic which is rubbish aside amstrad cpc one, and horrible colors ! My god ! how did they dare ?

And if i have some good hints to give you, some CPC coders went ahead of what the CPC is capable of.

Try Xyphoes Fantasy by silmarils, and you will see what the machine can do :

Full overscan screen, 50 fps per sec, mode 0 with split screen for much more colors, a whole lot of sprite on screen (it NEVER slowdown !) and a very good playability. I don't even speak of the music which coming from an atari ST since the CPC and ST use the same sound processor (ay-31XX for CPC and his clone YM2149 on the ST).

also, have a look on spanish games like Astro Marine corps, after the war.

These two ones are the state of the art graphically speaking, and are excellent on a technical point of view, the c64 is way way behind.....

Same for stormlord I and II, cybernoid, cybernoid II, zapt the balls, prehistorik 2, trantor, turrican (which is better than the c64 version graphically speaking, since the game lacks sound....), turrican 2 kill litterally the c64 version, excellent graphics, awesome sequence, huge levels, and the biggest game ever made for a CPC, since the game code is 4000kb and crunched 715kb on both side of the disk.

I think the CPC has been pushed far far beyond its limits.... which is not the case for the c64. I have tried the machine since i never owned one, and i have been very disappointed by the games quality......
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