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Originally Posted by eLowar View Post
Well, if the in-program customization isn't enough for you, there are programs line WindowBlinds for MS Windows for heavy customization. On X, the window managers themselves often already provide lots of possible customization. Just take a look at everything you can configure in FVWM2 for example (admittedly not the prettiest example, but an early example, there are many more, obviously). However, admittedly window manager side per-application configuration may be rare (WindowBlinds does it though).
But these skins are quite different from MUI configs in my opinion. I don't know how to say, but they are more skinning the "surface" while MUI lets you customize the "depths" of the GUI.

And skinning tools usually don't provide an interface as easy as MUI's to customize all aspects of the gui. I think you have to spend quite some time getting to grips with the programs before you can make your own skins.

Compare to MUI where anybody can easily change all aspects of the gui of each program with a couple mouse-clicks, including minutious details such as the scrolling behaviour of text frames (!) and so on.

Users of Windowblinds will probably download pre-made skins rather than make their own. But, I mean, who downloads pre-made MUI configs? There's no need since it's so easy to customize exactly to your liking.
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