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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
I do find Linux quite hard to get to grips but id like to have a permanent Install along side Windows on my Pc and be able to access Linux files from Dos or Windows as Im Still Using Fat32 and not NTFS and Im not going to aruge about the benfits of Linux fileSystems as I still use Windows 3.11 and Dos along side Xp - sad I know.
It isn't sad. Even I like to muck about with it occasionally

Have you thought about a virtual PC? VirtualBox is like a virtual PC you can run on Windows. You can then install Linux in there just to muck about with and carry on using Windows. It doesn't cover all of your needs but it's a sure-fire way not to hose your system.

It's not ideal, so eLowars suggestion is the closest you'll get I think.
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