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Ya' like it Retr0?
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Hello there,

Welcome to the EAB, I am sure you will like it here...

normally I would have quite a bit to say (ask P-J) but I have to admit... the A2000 you have there is that f*cking amazing! I am speachless!!

*very long pause!*

fancey helping me develop a PPC for the A600 ? LOL no... really it should be done LOL

irrespective of what auction price that a2000 is worth.... it seems to me to look quite priceless.... a job indeed, above and beyond!

watch out for Paul_s, a member here... he is a bit.... *ahem* passionate and affectionate of the A2000..... he may try and make off with it.... wich i couldn`t blame him for LOL...

I have to admit.... its awesome to know that this A2000 can spank both of my power miggys butt in Quake....

mentioning PPC's though, why didn`t they make more powerfull x86's as well.... that would of been cool

now i may be back later..... but right now i have some hardware pr0n to lookie at
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