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Originally Posted by blade002 View Post
Cant you just feel the Love everybody?
I am merciless when I deal with sycophants, fanatics, and fools of all stripes.
Reason and logic are to be protected, not besmirched with sentiment.
I know an aquaintance, and he is dying. Now, I am an atheist, and he is a devout catholic. Common sense telle me, and decency, not to lambaste him for his belief, or to offer mmy opinion on the afterlife or heaven hell etc.
I'd like him to go peacefully and content, with visions of nice things.

But when it comes to this crap, fanaticism about some decrepit OS or computer, or automobile, something that has NO business in a person's heart,
I get mad.
It is a pathetic indicator of the deep shit western civilization is in, when the UK has 1 million people claiming Jedi as a religion, when people go mad of some stupid game like Halo, or gossip about Paris Hilton, or wax about how Mac or Linux or Amiga is an epiphinal experience, or the New York Yankees baseball team success means soooooo much to their shit lives.
There is a lot more to put one's heart and soul into, than a mother fucking computer.
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