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Originally Posted by rsn8887 View Post
EDIT: Holy Sh** I just realized my AmIRC is German, and now I remember something else about Amiga OS:
locale.library! On the Amiga, it was standard to change a program into your native language by just downloading these tiny files - localization was built into the OS! How come we don't have that anywhere else still? I am still downloading _separate_ German executables (if they exist) for my programs to have them in German in any non-Amiga OS? On the Amiga, no separate exe was needed.

Somebody pinch me...
That's a bit of the problem of the sheer mass of software that exists nowadays. They don't all adhere to the same standards (and I'm sure not every Amiga program used locale.library either), although there are plenty of centralized localization methods. Windows offers its own with string resources, KDE (and Qt) have their own with their translators, etc.

It is becoming more common again nowadays to just have translation files (whether standardized or homebrewed) instead of creating localized binaries. But I wouldn't be too sure it was ever that much more common on the Amiga than it has been on platforms that are still alive since.
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