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Originally Posted by rsn8887 View Post
Tried Pirch (buggy, and still sucky in comparison, but closest to amiIRC yet IMO) and Mirc on Windows. I also tried a couple on Suse/KDE and one that came with RedHat/Gnome but don't remember those well.
I remember, however:
a) none would show color status icons next to user names in user list like the little LEDs in amIRC. Instead they would use font characters, looked horrible.
b) all of them would have no or limited text colors I could select for different message types, and had only limited support for custom font selection for the various GUI aspects.
c) similar to b) the customizability I got from MUI (fonts buttons, colors windows) was missing completely.
d) I also remember the server selection being horrible and counter intuitive, e.g. you could not easily open a second chat window that simply connected to a different server. Not without tons of mouse clicks through various menus. And you had to add a new server's new adress to the server list first before actually being able to connect to it... meh
I suppose X-chat may be to your liking. At least most of the points on that list made me think of it. Although I personally prefer the sober look of mIRC or possibly the simplicity of a console mode client (nirc, irssi, etc., although I personally only used nirc much).

Originally Posted by rsn8887 View Post
As was standard with MUI, I could customize the AmIRC gui completely and separately from any other programs using the standardized MUI preferences.
Where is that possible on _any_ current OS?

For AmIRC, I made use of this by e.g. selecting a supertiny font for the chat box to fit more history on the screen and so on.

Amiga rulez still after all those years, unbelievable but true!
Well, if the in-program customization isn't enough for you, there are programs line WindowBlinds for MS Windows for heavy customization. On X, the window managers themselves often already provide lots of possible customization. Just take a look at everything you can configure in FVWM2 for example (admittedly not the prettiest example, but an early example, there are many more, obviously). However, admittedly window manager side per-application configuration may be rare (WindowBlinds does it though).
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