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Being a CPC owner back in the day (and still now) I'm probably kinda biased to it a bit - I've always enjoyed the CPC and quality it stood for. Every game I've ever played on the CPC just shouts out quality. However, annoyingly, other retro gamers tend to slate the CPC for no real reason. The only thing wrong with the CPC I can see is it was released too late onto the 8-bit scene. Atari STs and Amigas were just around the corner (if not already available) and therefore the CPC stood little chance to shine.

From what literature I've read and from what I've heard/seen on other forums etc. the Amstrad CPC was very popular in European territories - mostly in France (iirc). The Amstrad CPC was my first taste of computing and hence holds a special place in my nostalgic memories along with the Amiga.

Some more perfect games:

Head Over Heels (CPC=Best 8-bit version)
Batman (The 3D version made by Jon Ritman - same person who made HoH)
Jack Nicklaus Greates 18 Hole of Golf (The perfect golf game - actually it's also available on the Amiga as well)
Arkanoid (I love the CPC version)

... I can't think of anything else (at the moment) but there's plenty of decent games to be played on the CPC

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