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Originally Posted by LUKas007 View Post
A2000 rules. The most versatile classic Amiga ever.. Especially with a 2040/60 card!
So bad this PPC won't fit to the A2000's box...
Fit!! .. Of course it fit's..

Check my site for more pictures

Computer description:
- A2000/060-PPC/RAID5/NIC/SoundCard/USB/PicassoIV

Outside mods:
- Fan-controller display.
- Controll panel with Reset button and LED's for HD, NIC, Power
- USB ports
- Earphone connector with own volumeknob.

- PSU airflow improved with wiremech and differnet fan
- All wires are tidied up
- Extra fans and heatprobes
- Drivebay modified aswell as one of the floppydrives to make room for PPC addon
- Motherboard ISA slots removed to make room for RAID controller
- Much much more but "you'll see"

Hardware Spec:
- Computer: A2000 - Motherboard Rev 6.1
- Accelerators: Blizzard 2060 (50Mhz)
- Accelerators: PPC Developer Board - (150Mhz)
- SCSI Raid Controller: Running Raid5 with 8 2.5" IDE HDD's
- Memory: 2Mb Chip / 128Mb Fast
- Grafix: Picasso IV with Pablo II, Paloma IV
- NIC: XSurf
- Sound: Delfina Flipper (piggybacking on XSurf card)
- USB: Subway USB (piggybacking on XSurf card)
- Floppy Drives: 2 x HD Floppy drives
- CDROM: SCSI x16 (CD Changer for 5 disks)
- Cooling: 3xfans + controller with display

Install and running OS3.9... CHECK
Install and running WarpOS... CHECK
Running PPC software (QuakePPC)... CHECK
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