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Angry TransADF & 3.5 problems !!!!

Well this is the thing:

I have conected my pc to an Amiga 500+ with a nullmodem cable.
I am using Amiga Explorer to transfer the files to the amiga.
The file transfer works fine, loading stuff into the ramdrive of the amiga. Then a am using TransADF to write adf:s to disk that i have dowloaded from the internet...

Here are the problems:

I use transADF with the command:

"TransADF DF0: RAM:file.adf write" works well it seems...until the ADF has bee written to the disk...then i always get this error message.."disk has a checksum error on disk block blabla.."
I get this all the time. I have tried other disks and adf:s...nothing works.... When i got the amiga i came with loads of disk..but almost everyone is i dont have any nice games and utils for it...kinda boring.
I have wb 2.0 that is working, and thats about it.
Can someone help me with this problem..? What am i doing wrong? Maybe the command is wrong for TransADF? I have tryed to write adf:s from amiga explorer window on the pc, to the amiga on a blank amiga floppy..but i only get "verify" errors on the pc.. Even when i use verify with TransADF i get errors...
Maybee my amiga 3.5 drive i busted?
I NEEED help!!!
Right now i hate my Amiga very me love it again.

Thanx. J
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