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Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post

tbh if I could get an Amiga setup for net access that would make me happy tbh.. it's all I use my PC for... But then again it would be more expensive to do that which is the reason I use XP at home....

OS wise the Amiga is nice to use in a 'hobby' kind of way but the Amiga was always about the games for me
Well, I am an Amiga hobbiest, hence why I love AmigaOS and think it's superb - for work related activities (so when I'm not at home) I use what's available to me - usually Windows XP or Linux .

For day-to-day activities at home I tend to use AmigaOS - I can browse my fav internet pages, receive email, listen to MP3s and play games - what more do you need!

b.t.w. I've put 'at home' in bold as to clear up what is meant to other forum members who don't understand what they read!

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