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Originally Posted by Doc Mindie View Post
Personal opinion:
mIRC vs AmIRC... uhm, no I retract that last one, AmIRC STILL kicks arse
I agree, how come that after all these years STILL nothing comes close?

Btw: What about MUI? Is there _any_ equivalent to MUI on non-Amiga OS - I mean
super-detailed and easy customizability of user interface without any hacks?

Concerning the list of Amiga OS advantages, has anybody found a way to make windows _not_ move to the front on single click in non-Amiga OS? It really pisses me off to no end. What's the use of windows if the one you work with is always forced to the front?
This is the most retarded thing I noticed once I switched away from Workbench, and it is default behaviour in any other OS...

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