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Charlie says:
'Miaw, miaw, meaw, miaw, brroaw, moaw...'

roughly translated:

Originally Posted by oneshotdead
Whoah, and I thought I was filled with hate!

You guys take the cake. This guy must be a real dickhead to arose such sentiments...
Originally Posted by Charlie
Ahhh - One of the things I like about the EAB is its 'relationship' with Big ( A_Hole ) Bill!

EAB members are generally v. civilised to each other, but just when you feel the need to give someone a damn good flaming up he pops with another load of poop!

I think he provides this corner of the Amiga community with a valuable service in being the target of all our pent-up bile.

Keep it up Bill!
You'll need to be from the UK & as old as me for the above to make complete sence.
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