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I see where your quoted Linux_Guru is comming from: Linux boots so much slower because it's doing all this clever stuff AOS4 doesn't address.
True, but I would suggest missing the point...

The real question to ask is why/if all this activity is necessary when AOS doesn't bother and yet still comes up with a functional desktop..?

I'd say it's a matter of architecture:
Linux, Windows, & OSX to an extent share one way of doing things.
( Every function must be explicitly setup prior to becomming available to the system )

AmigaOS, BeOS, & QNX share a very different ( more efficient ) model.
( Functions start/stop on-the-fly as 'requested' by either hardware or user )

Another interesting question is why the three 'patently better' os's are far less sucessful? - It's certainly not a result of their shared architecture causing any fundermental limitations.

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