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Originally Posted by P-J View Post

(P.S. Care to prove your theory that you need a 133MHz PC to outstrip a 75MHz Amiga? If not, then, well, 'blah'.)

I'll do my usual business..... My A500, running at 7MHz, ompletely left my brothers 386/25 (with 8MB memory) in the dust.

My A1200 running at 50MHz (with the help of a 030/50 accelerator) left his 486 DX2-66 in the dust.

I've never had an 060 myself, but judging from these two, and the fact that the CPU is doing all the work on the PC, while the Amiga leaves quite alot to it's custom chips, leaves me to believe a P133 should be needed to have a realatively similar performance to an 060/75. This, however, does not take into account that there are programs that uses the CPU only (lha, for example) which of course benefitts from the faster CPU.

But overall... I found PaintShopPro 4 to be a pain to use on a P133 running Win95, for example... the computer was simply too slow.
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