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Originally Posted by View Post
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion which I've explained in my post - it's a personal preference!
No, you're a retard because your post is full of utter shit.

Let's investigate :

Originally Posted by
Amiga OS (a.k.a. Amiga Workbench) really does kick Windows/Linux/MacOS's ass. Amiga OS is blindingly quick on very limited hardware, where as Windows is sh!t slow on decent hardware (depends on version).
Null argument. You've used speed as the benchmark of OS quality for the sake of your own argument. Bzzzt. You suck. Also, this is not opinion, you are trying to state a fact. If you don't believe me you should learn how the English language works. If you simply add 'I think' or 'In my opinion' at the start of your sentence, you might not attract so much hate. Little things, little things...

Then you say...

Originally Posted by
although I'm a dab hand at Linux - I work in IT so I should be
...shortly followed by...

Originally Posted by
and Mac OS is just a customised Linux made specifically for Apple's funky looking machines.
...which just made me feel sorry for your employer. Oh well, they'll get rid of you one day! Apple is a customised version of Linux? At least most of the trolls in this thread have some knowledge of what they speak!
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