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Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
Also, on pcs, a lot of software is just shit and shit slow. If I have large text files, such as edict, witch is almost 7mb, then I won't even bother with pc software, and boot up my......wait for it..... AMIGA. I don't know how it's possible, but my 30 at 50 mhz annihilates my 550 mhz p3 when it comes down to text editing (this is so bad, I haven't even tried to get any editors for windows, so I use PSPad....)

How can you make software witch is so slow, that equivalent software on a computer that is a 100 times slower is not JUST faster, but much, much, much faster? This sort of thing is insane!

So long live Amiga!
So, I loaded edict (I assume that's the one you were talking about) onto my Windows PC and opened the file with Notepad++, it took less than a second to load and then editing was nice and speedy (that also works with much bigger files, but yeah). Now admittedly my PC is a 2.6 GHz P4, so I loaded the file onto my little AMD K6-300 (300 MHz) NetBSD server with 32 MB RAM and opened the file first with nano, which took about 3 seconds to load -- and editing was nice and fast -- and then with vi which took a little longer to load but with which editing was even faster.

And any decent Windows editor could've done that too (I've had Windows 98 on the same computer before -- long ago -- and yes I have edited multi-megabyte files with it).

So, meh!
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