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Originally Posted by Fred the Duck View Post
You know, this "amiga advantage" shit is about as useful as arguing:

"Hey, all you had to do was hand crank those model T's.
They had great reliabilty, and man were they cheap. Nowadays, these computer chipped, airflow valve turbo fuel injection blah blah blah could use a rumble seat blah blah..."

Yeah, so what?
What can I say... model T's??? Amigas are not model T's. The first computers were more like those... Also, on pcs, a lot of software is just shit and shit slow. If I have large text files, such as edict, witch is almost 7mb, then I won't even bother with pc software, and boot up my......wait for it..... AMIGA. I don't know how it's possible, but my 30 at 50 mhz annihilates my 550 mhz p3 when it comes down to text editing (this is so bad, I haven't even tried to get any editors for windows, so I use PSPad....)

How can you make software witch is so slow, that equivalent software on a computer that is a 100 times slower is not JUST faster, but much, much, much faster? This sort of thing is insane!

So long live Amiga!
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